A large building in place Haj u-Nehaj Sutomore, municipality Bar. Haj Nehaj, 6.Bar

ID: 22005
Property type: 6.Investment project
Area (M 2)
Land Size (M 2)


A large building in place Haj u-Nehaj Sutomore, municipality Bar.

The total area of the building is 2814m2 and the surface of the yard is 2161m2.

It is located in a very quiet village directly at the exit from the tunnel from Čanj on the right side.

It consists of three floors above the ground and a basement. The basement floor is 468m2, the ground floor is 954m2, the first floor is 584m2, the second floor is 491m2 and the roof is 317m2 and can be upgraded according to urban technical conditions. It has 56 apartments, a large playground, a place for big restaurant, big roof terrace and many auxiliary and technical rooms.Ideal for the hotel or something like that.It is necessary to invest in the editing and furnishing of the object.Price 950.000€.The possibility of payment in a few installments.

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