Plot in Pluzine Plužine

3.000.000€ /29€/m2
ID: 16055
Property type: Plot
Land Size (M 2)


The plot has a total area of ​​103,691m2 and consists of 13 cadastral parcels. Cadastral parcel number 1,2,3,4,5,6 is one whole, of which cadastral parcel 3,4 and 5 is agricultural land and 2 and 6 is forest land (commercial forests) while cadastral parcel 1 is partly agricultural and partly forest land. The second unit consists of parcels 9,10,11,12 and 13, of which 9 and 10 are forest land and parcels 12 and 13 are agricultural land, while parcel 11 is down agricultural land and partly forest land (commercial forests). The third unit is plots 7 and 8.

On agricultural land it is allowed to construct facilities intended for agricultural production (warehouses of production materials, facilities for accommodation of agricultural machinery, facilities for production of fruits and vegetables, etc.).

Residential buildings in the function of agricultural production can be built only for their own needs and in the function of agricultural activity.The maximum occupancy rate under the buildings is 60% and the maximum floors are P + PK

On forest land it is allowed to build facilities for the purpose of the forest economy. Facilities for tourist and recreational purposes, commercial and catering can be maximum area up to 400m2 and maximum floors P + PK.Accompanying objects can be up to 40m2 maximum and maximum floors P + PK.

Sole owner , no burdens and restrictions.

Price 29€/m2  3.000.000€

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