Land in Tivat in the district Krašići with direct access to the sea Krašići, Tivat

2.654.190€ /210€/m2
ID: 16027
Property type: Plot
Land Size (M 2)


Urbanized land in Tivat in the district Krašići with direct access to the sea. Unique offer of this type in this part of the peninsula.

The plot is a total area of ​​12,639m2, one smaller part of 293m2 which is beneath the road to the sea and the other larger part is above the road. The plot consists of 4 urbanized plots where construction is permitted (UP1, UP2, UP5 and UP6). It also has 7 plots that have been designed for landscaping (UP3, UP7, UP8, UP10, UP9, UP11, UP12). A large plot in the center UP4 is intended for sports and recreation.

The UP1 plot and the UP2 plot are closest to the sea and are designed for central operations.

UP5 plots in UP6 plots are intended for mixed purposes.

Urbanistic technical conditions were extracted for the urban parcel UP5 with an area of ​​1794,82m2.

Maximal occupancy index 0.4-0.5.

The maximum building index is 1.00.

Max BGP is 1794.82m2

The maximum floor space is Su + P + 1 + Pk, height 12m.

Due to the configuration of the terrain, it is permitted to build basement floors that are not included in the calculation of the gross construction area. For other urban plots, the new owner takes out the UT requirements.Price  210€/m2 tolal 2.654.190€.

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