Apartments in a new quality building in Becici Bečići, Budva

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ID: 13058
Property type: Flat/Apartment


  • Air conditioning
  • Elevator
  • Garage
  • Parking
  • Sea view
  • Terrace/Balcony


Apartments for sale near the sea in Becici, Budva municipality. Nearby is the most popular, beautiful and clean beach, with small pebbles, which stretches for 2 km by the sea. Apartment area from 51m2 to 93m2. The complex consists of two buildings and owns: underground parking, own territory for ground parking, elevator management company that provides a complete service of the complex, including rental services.

Building number 1:
On the ground floor of the building there are apartments (1A) of 52m2 price 1800€/m2 total 93.600€,
and an apartment (3A) of 72m2 price 1800€/m2 total 129.600€.
On the 2nd floor there is an apartment (7A) of 52m2 price 2200€/m2 total 114.000€.
On the 3rd floor there is an apartment (11A) of 93m2 price 2688€/m2 total 250.000€.
On the 4th floor there are apartments (12A) of 69m2 price 2688€/m2 total 185.484€,
and apartment (13A) 93m2 price 3763€/m2 total 350.000€.

Building number 2:
On the ground floor there are apartments (3B) of 51m2 price 1600€/m2 total 81.600€,
apartment (4B) of 55m2 price 1600€/m2 total 88.000€,
apartment (5B) of 71m2 price 1600€/m2 total 113.600€,
and apartment (6B) of 52m2 price 1630€/m2 total 84.760€.
On the 1st floor there are apartments (7B) of 44m2 price 1700€/m2 total 74.800€,
apartment (8B) of 51m2 price 1700€/m2 total 86.700€,
apartment (9B) of 55m2 price 1700€/m2 total 93.500€,
apartment (10B) of 71m2 price 1800€/m2 total 127.800€,
and an apartment (11B) of 52m2 price 1865€/m2 total 97.000€.
On the 2nd floor there are apartments (12B) of 44m2 price 1900€/m2 total 83.600€,
apartment (13B) of 51m2 price 1900€/m2 total 96.900€,
apartment (14B) of 55m2 price 1900€/m2 total 105.600€,
apartment (15B) of 71m2 price 2000€/m2 total 142.000€,
and apartment (16B) of 52m2 price 1900€/m2 total 98.800€.
On the 3rd floor there are apartments (17B) of 51m2 price 2000€/m2 total 102.000€,
apartment (18B) of 55m2 price 2000€/m2 total 110.000€,
apartment (20B) of 52m2 price 2000€/m2 total 104.000€,
apartment (21B) of 51m2 price 2200€/m2 total 112.200€,
and an apartment (22B) of 55m2 price 2200€/m2 total 121.000€.
The prices of garage spaces in the underground garage are 20.000€,areas 16m2 and 22m2.

Photos of each apartment separately

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Nikola Mladenovich

Director, Senior Sales Representative
  Nikola Mladenovch, Director, Senior Sales Representative of the ”Sirius Nekretnine” Professionals Real Estate Agency, epitomizes integrity, energy, dedication, hard work and creative personal service in every detail of every real estate transaction he is involved in.Nikola brings to our team over 10 years of industry knowledge in the field of residential and commercial real estate in the Montenegro and has worked hard to build a solid foundation of loyal clients over the years.
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